Take a look at our most asked questions.

Q. What is the best print type to use?

A. That depends on the job. Each printing style has its benefits, depending on the customer needs. Standard print in large numbers? Screen printing is the one. Big and Bold, but low volume? Vinyl should suit. Colourful and detailed? Look at Digital. Small, detailed and robust? Sublimation will address that.

Q. How long does the print last?

A. As with any garment, washing, drying, scrunching and general wear and tear will all affect the print. Taking care of your garment will ensure the print has a long life.

Q. Do you do Embroidery?

A. Yes. We work with third parties to ensure that we can fully meet your printing needs. 

Q. What is the minimum order number?

A. Uh…1. At Ink&Vinyl, we cater to all kinds of customers. From the casual customiser to the whole club. Just tell us what you need, and we will find a solution.

Q. What is the "set-up" cost?

A. The set-up cost covers the work required to get your dreams ready for print. Whether its vectoring your images, designing your logo from scratch or building the mesh screens. These tasks take time and effort, so it is a chargeable service.

Q. What kind of file does my logo need to be?

A. Anything really. The easiest ones are vector files (.ai, .svg, .eps & .cdr), but rasters (.jpg, .png & .pdfs) are fine too… We’ll even take a drawing on a paper! But please note that the quality of the submitted file will dictate the set-up cost.

Q. Do I need to pay "set-up" for every order?

A. Not necessarily. If you are running a repeat order of a logo that we have already printed and have on our files, then we don’t need to design anything. There may be lesser screen reset fee if anything.

Q. Do I get to approve the designs before you print?

A. Always. All customised orders will have mock-ups sent to you for approval. No garments will be ordered & no printing readied until we receive your approval to proceed.

Q. Can you print in any colour?

A. Yep

Q. How long do orders take? 

A. That depends on what is ordered. We aim to have orders out the door within 5-10 business days from when the order is placed. If, for any reason, this will be missed, you will be notified as soon as possible. Sublimated apparel will depend on volumes. Timing will be discussed during the set-up phase.

Q. Can I pick my order up?

A. Yes. 

Q. Can I make changes to your printed apparel?

A. This can be discussed on a case by case basis. We're more than happy to alter some of our designs, but others are part or limited releases, so must stay as they are designed.

Q. Can you print on anything?

A. Unfortunately no. Some fabrics are not designed to take the level of heat that our machines put out. Others are not designed to hold certain print types. But this can be discussed during the enquiry phase. The safest bets are Polyester, Cotton & Polycotton blends.

Q. Can I give my own garments to print?

A. This can be discussed at the time of the order. Due to the methods we use for our printing, not all garments are suitable to be printed on.

Q. What is the biggest print you can do?

A. Here at Ink&Vinyl, our general rule of thumb is no bigger than A3. However, this can always be discussed if the need arises.

Q. What is the smallest print you can do?

A. That depends on the print type. With vinyl and sublimation, we recommend that no image contain lining or text thinner than 2mm. Digital prints can be as fine as you like.

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The team at Ink&Vinyl